Vendor Cost Control Mobile App

“How much is owed in this case? “

” How much do we owe that vendor? “

” Did that payment came in yesterday? “

There’s an app for that, JDi Data’s Cost Control mobile app is an exciting and instant coast administration reporting tool that makes complex litigation easy. A full list of all the claim information can also be accessed right through the JDi Data Coast Control mobile app.

Know how much is owed in a case when payments come in and payments have gone out while on the go.

The vendor cost control mobile app streamlines the claim and defense financial management process by letting you access the information everywhere. Something doesn’t look right or have a quick question, call or email your JDi Data case manager directly from the app.

Your VCC mobile app is just as secure as logging in to your online banking or brokerage account. Saving you time and money is JDi Data’s business so you can focus your efforts on doing what you do best.

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