Vendor Cost Control Handles Cost Administration For Complex Litigation


Vendor Cost Control Handles Cost Administration For Complex Litigation

Has your firm or business ever been in a complex litigation situation that involves multiple additional insurers (AI’s)? JDi Data provides an industry-leading service that will not only allow you to expedite those cases but will also provide full transparency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all parties involved. Vendor Cost Control is an end-to-end solution that provides you with the tools and controls needed to be successful. By providing users with a customizable experience and detailed financial business intelligence reports, our service works to increase efficiency to save you time and money.

What is Vendor Cost Control?

Vendor Cost Control, also known as VCC, is a comprehensive service that facilitates immediate solutions. It provides allocation reconciliation during complex financial litigation situations. JDi’s team of experts, deploy the use of our proprietary algorithm to make sure that all entities involved are allocated the appropriate fees and payments. It’s intuitive. Secure. And configurable to your business needs. VCC gives immediate real-time solutions with the tools you need to be successful, no matter the scenario you are faced with. Our diligent service will ensure that payments and invoice activity are not duplicated or missing information from your clients. Our value to you is the sense of reliability, from beginning to end, of diverse litigation scenarios.

Who Should Be Using Vendor Cost Control?

Vendor Cost Control was created two decades ago to serve the growing need for cost allocation within construction-defect litigation. Since then what started as primarily a California-centric business, has now expanded to states from coast to coast. In addition to clients around the country, the VCC service is now expanding to provide the same cost-saving technology to litigation for pharmaceutical, environmental, and product liability. Whether you are a law firm, insurance carrier, developer, contractor, or corporation we have got you covered.

What it can do for you?

JDi Data’s Vendor Cost Control has many quality functions. All of which serve to give the user an enriching experience, while simultaneously integrating into your workflow. Some functions that can be found in our Vendor Cost Control system are:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Share Allocation
  • What-if scenarios
  • Document management
  • Mobile-Friendly User Control Portal
  • Claim Management/Tracking


All these functions work seamlessly together to give you the best service to handle litigation issues. By tracking defense costs, VCC allocates those costs to different parties for you such as developers, builders, subcontractors, insurers, and more. It handles multiple-party fund distributions so you don’t have to.

Vendor Cost Control is customizable. It can allow for multiple factors to be considered during the litigation process. Such as:

  • Tender Dates
  • Cessation Dates
  • Exhaustion Dates
  • Self-Insured Retentions
  • Percentage Allocation
  • Settlements and more!


To provide the most accurate information and reporting possible, the user can control how much data is incorporated for each case. Our detailed Business Intelligence Analysis is used for our client’s assessment. We produce quality service to benefit and help our clients make the best decisions possible for their cases.