Vendor Cost Control For The Insurance Industry


Vendor Cost Control is an exciting and instant reporting tool for attorneys, primary or AI insurance claimers handlers, and vendors. Claims handlers can see the other participants in the coast sharing matrix, the current balance due for your file, and check on payments already made for each claim. Simply log on to the JDi Data adjuster portal, click on your subscribed claims, and access all the information within seconds. The participant balance summary report shows each participating carrier’s total share amount, amounts paid and balance due for each participating carrier.

For each claim monitor your balances and view your payments made. If you have the authority to do so you can have instant access to view the itemized billings.

Balance summary reports can be downloaded in excel or pdf format and printed or emailed, invoices can be viewed, printed, or saved in your own claim file. The information is always live and accessible from your computer, iPhone, or iPad, and no worries, password-protected access rights restricting what each user can see so you can focus your efforts on what you do best.

Proprietary information is securely protected. Reporting and tracking is JDI’s business.