Vendor Cost Control: Construction Defect 101


Vendor Cost Control: Construction Defect 101

Our Director of Vendor Cost Control, Christine Erwin gives valuable insight into preparing for HB301 and best practices for the financial litigation process in this quick YouTube video. Vendor Cost Control can help with your claim tracking and management, split billing, the pursuit of carrier payments, and more!

Part 1: HB301’s Impact

Learn more about what it means to move to an equitable cost-sharing system due to substantial changes in the law that could affect your clients.

Read more about HB301 Statute 624.1055

Part 2: Equitable Contribution

Christine goes over carrier allocations and AI’s duty to defend.

Part 3: Split Billing

One of the biggest challenges in the construction defect litigation process – Christine dives into the best practices.

Part 4: Reconciliation

Reconciling vendor and carrier accounts is the ultimate differentiator when getting clients paid.

Part 5: Recovery

The top priority for your client is getting 100% of all sums recovered. We are here to help!

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