Vendor Cost Control Adds Instant Direct Deposit to its Cost Administration Service


Vendor Cost Control Adds Instant Direct Deposit to its Cost Administration Service

JDi Data’s Vendor Cost Control™ complex litigation cost administration service announces today the launch of its direct deposit feature that allows immediate transfer of paid insurer claim costs to VCC clients. 

The updated process gives attorneys the option of receiving insurer payments through a direct ACH transfer of funds to an approved bank account. This advanced function offers VCC users an enhanced cost-effective solution to managing and tracking claims/defense costs during complex litigation.

New Function’s Benefits

With this new powerful function, VCC significantly reduces the cycle time of tracking, monitoring, and allocating construction defect claim costs with a faster payment turnaround. JDi Data Vice President, Ina Fossa who spearheads the VCC team explains that “automating payments makes business much more efficient and increases our clients’ cash flow.”

 Along with this updated feature VCC also provides clients:

  •  Funding agreement administration capabilities
  • Due diligence reporting and communication with legal Experts
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable management
  • 24/7 secure remote mobile app access anywhere, anytime 

JDi Data’s Pride

JDi Data prides itself on continuously improving its Vendor Cost Control™ service to offer a simpler and easier cost administration option for complex litigation attorneys. Fossa also points out “there are better, smarter ways to spend your time than dealing with paper checks and trips to your bank. Using ACH is safe, quick, convenient, and reduces the possibility of human error.” JDi Data will be unveiling the direct deposit feature to attendees at the MC Consultants East Region Construct Defect Conference commencing June 19th in Orlando, FL.

For more information on Vendor Cost Control and its new direct deposit feature contact Joe Wolczanski at 954-938-9100 ext. 226 or