Meet Vendor Cost Control’s Claims Experts

Vendor Cost Control is led by a team of experts in the field of data collection, analysis and reporting, with decades of experience within the insurance and legal industries. Each member of the team calls upon their previous experiences to help guide their current clients through the process of complex financial data management and cost sharing allocations.

Christine Erwin

Christine oversees JDi Data operations and client relationships for carriers, law firms and corporate clients. As director of Vendor Cost Control her 19 years of experience with fund management and resource allocation allows her to lead the VCC team through the day to day objectives and long-term objectives. 

Joe Wolczanski

As JDi’s CEO, Joe uses his 30 years of working at several Fortune 150 companies to manage JDi and lead the company towards new innovation. He excels at creating advanced processes and systems for optimizing financial operations through efficient automation.

Ina Fossa

Ina was trained as a claims adjuster in Germany, working on a team responsible for returning 400 stolen luxury vehicles from the former Eastern Blocs. Because of this and her training as a paralegal, she is a powerful asset to the VCC team as a top communicator with law firms and insurance companies.

Robert Fossa

Bob brings 32 years of data collection, analysis, and reporting expertise to his role as Case Analyst for VCC. His extensive reporting at the State and Federal level allows him to be a leader for case reconciliation and VCC reporting for builders/developers, attorneys, insurance carriers, self-insureds, and third-party administrators