Streamlined Vendor Cost Control For The Legal Industry

Vendor Cost Control is an exciting and instant reporting tool for attorneys, primary or AI insurance claims handlers and vendors. If you are a lawyer, you have access to see the coast sharing matrix, the amount each carrier is responsible for, how much each carrier has contributed towards the defense to date and when the last payments came in.

Just log on to the JDi Data Attorney portal, click on the claim you are subscribed to and you have access to participant balance summary report as well as to the account payables report and trust balance info.

The accounts payables report shows the net amount due to each vendor and the trust balance info gives the exact amount available. In the JDi trust account each report can be downloaded in excel or pdf format and printed or emailed. No more waiting for reports the information is always live and accessible from your computer, iPhone or iPad and no worries, password protected access rights restricting what each user can see. Proprietary information is securely protected. Reporting and tracking is JDi’s business. You do the lawyering; we do the math.