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Secured Web Portal Access With Vendor Cost Control

Some twenty years ago, Vendor Cost Control was established to meet the expanding demand for cost allocation in construction-defect litigation. Since then, a business focused on California has grown to include states on both coasts. The VCC service is expanding to offer the same cost-saving technology to litigation for pharmaceutical, environmental, and product liability cases and clients across the nation. We have you covered whether you are a corporate, law firm, insurance provider, developer, or contractor.

All VCC features operate seamlessly together to provide you with the finest assistance possible for dealing with legal matters. VCC tracks defense costs and distributes them to various parties for you, including builders, subcontractors, insurance, etc. It manages the allocation of funds among many parties, so you don’t have to.

Secured Web Portal

Our web portal and document repository are accessible 24/7 to all who need access: attorneys, adjusters, and experts/vendors. The system also updates in real-time. As soon as invoices or payments are recorded in our system, that information is available immediately.  

Attorneys, adjusters, and experts have access to information appropriate to their roles:

  • Experts/vendors may view only their invoices and payments.
  • Adjusters may review only shares allocated to carriers and nothing else.
  • Attorneys have access to all information except check writing.


End-to-End Solution 

The VCC process is a cradle-to-grave solution with controls. You have a complete overview and control over the processes, which are flexible enough to adapt to your business needs.

Multiple sources may fund matters administered by the defense or coverage attorneys. Features allow everyone impacted by a legal document to upload their information in the same place, after which the system will house data and produce business intelligence analysis for assessment.

What-If Scenarios

States like Florida and Texas, which do not have risk transfer case law and precedents, are fertile ground for defense attorneys to create cost-sharing proposals. VCC case managers can construct what-if scenarios to assist in the process of lawmaking. Creating laws is a process, and JDi Data can help with providing various cost allocation scenarios. 

What-if scenarios are also great for predicting the outcomes of different insurance deals and costs. When you assess the direction of legal liability, you will be prepared for any additional charges. You could even avoid having to spend extra money on unexpected events. 

Customized Service

We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers say and suggest and responding with services that integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow and improve your workforce.

The system we created is there to help individuals and companies take some weight off their backs and not worry about legal payments, fees, and additional costs.

Our case managers will help you create a workflow that works best for you during the setup process. It is fully customizable and flexible, so your legal partners are not forgotten. They are respectfully included in the processes. 

All case managers are available via email, phone, or live chat on our website for your convenience.