Tort & Personal Injury

Tort and Personal Injury litigation refers to the legal defenses and remedies involved in civil lawsuits brought on because of intentional or wrongful conduct. These types of cases begin when a private plaintiff seeks compensation because of alleged harm caused by a defendant’s actions. Once negligence is established, the damages are calculated, and the defendant is required to pay the plaintiff. These damages can be calculated as something obvious, like property damage or medical bills; or they can be less obvious, such as emotional distress or loss of earning capacity. 

Tort cases can also include exposure to chemicals and environmental agents that lead to claims of personal injury (including death), medical monitoring, fear of future illness and damages to real property. These cases arise from exposure to chemicals from such diverse sources as workplaces, products, air emissions, hazardous material releases, explosions/accidents and food. The nature of these cases range from class actions to a single plaintiff. 

Tort law falls into three main categories: intentional, negligent, and strict liability. These categories are determined by motive and intent or the particular results or harm manifested by the set of actions. Following the definition, a tort claim is filed for expenses not paid by ICBC as No Fault Benefits, but arise from the harm caused by the incident. These claims have high costs and expenses, including the lawyer’s final percentages, as well as all fees and costs.  

Managing these types of claims can be time consuming, requiring constant communication and man hours to ensure on-time reconciliation. VCC is designed to simplify the billing process by providing transparency into reconciliations. During litigation, the VCC team pays all vendors, experts, legal and defense costs. Initial reconciliation determines current financial status among all participants to facilitate an allocation plan of action to secure funding. Share allocation, risk calculation and funding cycles ensure prompt payment from participating carriers. Vendors/experts and law firms have real-time portal visibility.