Effective Litigation Cost Management


Effective Litigation Cost Management

Wondering what’s the amount each carrier is responsible for? How much has each carrier contributed towards the defense to date? or When did the last payments come in?

Vendor Cost Control gives you that updated information and more  24/7 with a click of a button. Watch our 1 minute tutorial video on the enhancements of our JDi Data VCC reporting options.

Attorney Portal Tutorial

Reporting and tracking is JDi Data’s business. You do the lawyering, we do the math.

Need to know the current balance due for your file? Need to check on payment made for a claim? Let JDi Data streamline the process for you.

Adjuster Portal Tutorial

JDi Data’s unique concept Vendor Cost Control™ software is used to manage and track all claim and defense litigation’s financial data.

This collaborative and powerful tool gives law firms a convenient option to administer funding agreements between developers, carriers, subcontractors/AI insurers, and gives insurance companies due diligence for reporting requirements and constant contact with the legal community in litigation.
View more VCC Tutorials on the JDi Data YouTube Channel !