Cost Administrator for Claim and Defense Cases


Cost Administrator for Claim and Defense Cases

Vendor Cost Control is a comprehensive administration tool for complex litigation services. It acts as the cost administrator for claim and defense cases. 

We created it to help individuals and businesses save time and avoid additional legal expenses, and made sure to enrich it with features that ease legal document tracking and management. 

Cost Administrator

The system uses a uniform task code to categorize defense costs.  It also compares them to budgets using data, from participation date to dismissal. That is why VCC will never let you miss a litigation billing. It is truly an innovative, economical, simple, and responsive cost management solution. 

VCC Is Innovative

JDi Data has evolved products to stay ahead of the market since our first deployment in 1992. Back then, everything was stored, tracked, and managed manually. That is why we came up with a solution to cut manual labor for contractors and subcontractors – Vendor Cost Control

It started as an extension of tracking and management capabilities for lawyers and insurers, but soon evolved into the system that handles the most complex allocation processes. We expanded it and produced an intuitive solution for entire law firms and insurance companies

VCC Is Economical

During any litigation process, if you miss a bill or avoid payments, it will only set you back. That is why we have made an affordable and efficient tool that will track your legal billing and enhance your investment return. 

VCC warns you about any upcoming or missed billings, which spares you any added costs. 

VCC Is Responsive 

The system operates according to our client’s needs. Our dedicated case managers schedule vendor reconciliations, budget presentations and monthly funding requests, while maintaining full transparency. The system is automated and highly responsive – it warns you about any missed information, upcoming payments, and your vendor status. If you encounter any issues, our team is always available to offer all the support you need. 

VCC Is Simple

Vendor Cost Control is simple and straightforward, designed to make your life easier, not harder. All processes are transparent, and all documents are available any time you need them. There is no need to always check the status of your litigation documents and bills because VCC notifies you with text, emails and other alerts. 

With VCC you no longer need to spend time and energy on storing, allocation, tracking and management of litigation documents. Our real-time reporting and automation put your entire financial picture at the tip of your finger.