Carolyn Cascini Moves Up The Ranks at JDi Data


Carolyn Cascini Moves Up The Ranks at JDi Data

Hired back in October 2011 onto JDi Data’s Vendor Cost Control team as an Account Executive, Carolyn Cascini’s main job duty has been to assist the VCC team with external communication on behalf of our Claim Adjusters, Attorneys, and Vendor clients. Her background in the legal field as a Legal Assistant made it a smooth transition for her into this position.

However, as positions began to open up at JDi Data Carolyn was also able to add on more tasks to her job description and also take over JDi Data’s bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

With a strong expertise in the accounting field Carolyn seamlessly juggles both accounting and Vendor Cost Control case management for JDi Data. President of JDi Data, James DeRosa adds in that “we originally hired Carolyn as an account executive using her  accounting skills to manage the ledger balances for Vendor Cost Control, but after a few months, it was evident her accounting skills were exceptional and she is now the general bookkeeper for our firm. Carolyn is a pleasure to work with and a great find for JDi”

Her health conscious attitude and starting each morning with her daily run clears her mind to focus her for each day’s work at JDi Data. Carolyn boasts that “JDi Data is a great place to spend my day. There is communication and everyone is more than willing to lend a hand.” Carolyn will continue her great work with Vendor Cost Control and will now work more closely with JDi Data’s CFO Joseph Wolczanksi.