Manages Complex Financial Litigation

Expenses Managed for Joint Defense Agreements

Carrier Share % and Instant Re-Allocation

Interact with E-Billing Platforms

Reconciliation :: Recovery :: Reporting

Who Do We Serve?

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Managing Complex Financial Litigation

Transparency, reporting, controls, and sophisticated analytics keep the legal and insurance industries in the know. Add workflow, and automatic notifications, courtesy of JDi’s FlowBot.

Teamwork, communication, collaboration and commitment, is why the legal community relies on our staff of experts to produce unsurpassable results.

Recovery, Reconciliation, and Reporting deliverables for an end-to-end solution.

JDi’s VCC has dominated construction defect financial litigation management since 1996.

What We Offer?

Comprehensive Case Management

While you and your client are litigating, the VCC team pays all vendors, experts, legal and defense costs-your end to end solution. Initial reconciliation determines current Financial status among all participants to facilitate an allocation plan of action to secure funding.

Dedicated Case Manager

Your single point of contact is an industry expert who is passionate about their work. The VCC team excels in their industry, having gained extensive knowledge over many years of experience. We understand your world, making the whole process easier for you.

Strategic Financial Tracking

Your dedicated case manager performs scheduled vendor reconciliations, monthly funding requests, budget presentations and relentless communication to recalcitrant participants. Funding requirements are ramped up and down as litigation progresses. Full transparency and disclosure makes this work. Reporting & Dashboards bridge the learning curve-big Data and KPI analysis equals a complete financial picture.

Real Time Reporting & Dashboards

Discover the best of the reporting world: technology has given us IBM Cognos, Microsoft Power BI and extensive capabilities for dashboards, drill downs and highly sophisticated compliance reporting all components of the Vendor Cost Control toolbox. Accessibility and availability for the user or scheduled reports for compliance, accounting and risk. Trusting in the power of live data, real time reporting and automation, VCC puts the complete financial picture at your fingertips with our visually informative dashboards and drill-down KPI reporting.

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Share allocation, risk calculation and funding cycles ensure prompt payment from participating carriers. Vendors/experts and law firms have real-time portal visibility. In addition to old-fashioned checks, modern-day payments include ACH, EFT, wire transfers escalate the entire payment process getting vendors and clients paid quicker. Recovery, Reconcile, Reimbursement.

Document Management

Capture, OCR, Search, Organize, Digital Library, Document Retrieval, Share, Document Archiving, Security. Your dedicated case manager can customize each document with its own unique naming convention and documents can be accessed within seconds, saving you manpower, reducing storage costs while helping the environment.

Transparent Portal and Global Visibility

Transparency and real-time data availability is a priority for better decision – making while building trust and traceability. We provide a consistent global framework for effective communication.

Automated Notifications

Instant notification, text, email, alerts – a check came in, a mediation was canceled – JDi’s configurable workflow engine FlowBot is active 24/7 and talks to multiple systems making life easier for you and your team, let us handle the time-consuming, rule-dependent tasks for you.

Experts in Controls & Compliance

With over 20 years of continuous, dedicated effort our team of experts have built strong business relationships with our clients and offer global solutions for internal controls and compliance through global reporting, workflow management, and transparent visibility, assuring an organizations operational effectiveness and efficiency… We get it.